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Welcome To Celious City

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Forty years ago, mankind has fled the island city after a massive earthquake struck our land. The event nearly tore everything apart and destroyed buildings and roads. Many lives were taken but few were spared from the chaos. The humans fled, jumping ships and planes to leave the ruined island condemned. The only few creatures that remained on the island were the ones strong and resilient to change- the rats of the sewers, the birds of the skies, the cats in the forest...and the dogs on the streets. Slowly we, the brethren of the wolves, began to evolve and grow smarter, starting our own hierarchy to live by in this city. Now, a new era has begun at the speck of dawn, as we step up our pace to welcome the intrusion of a new revolution, as our paws guide our way upon the paved grounds. Little does the outside world know of our existence, an island ruled by man's best friend.
We are the Dogs of Celious City

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We are accepting new members and new character at this time.

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Please donate to help us become a super group !
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Is your name taken? Make sure!

|List of Names|
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Crime Bosses


City Mayor


High Council Dogs




Celious City

Promo: Dogs of Celious City by CheeTree
Art by CheeTree
:star:EDIT: TODAY IS THE LAST DAY FOR ACTIVITY CHECKS! GET THEM IN BEFORE MIDNIGHT CST (Central Time Zone) HOWEVER- there seems to be quite a few more people asking for extensions even though the day to ask for an extension has passed. Because of this, I am willing to give a smaller extension for those who ask. Only it will be due this weekend by December 14. I will wait until tomorrow night for those wanting that added extension. If you do not ask for the added extension by tonight or tomorrow, then I'm afraid we will have to give you a mark against your characters. But remember- you can always get rid of the mark by noting the group and asking for a special assignment activity check!

EDIT: ONLY FIVE DAYS LEFT TO GET YOUR ACTIVITY CHECKS IN! If you fail to meet the requirements then all of your characters get one strike! Remember, three strikes and your character will be removed from the group and declared deceased! If you need an extension this is your LAST DAY to ask for one!

EDIT: There are about 10 days left to get your activity checks in folks! If you require an extension please inform us now and one will be given! We understand school and home life come first!

Let's get some more activity in this group! :D So the group is going to do a mandatory activity check.

:bulletgreen: Your submission can be colored drawings, writings or even just a simple sketch. Anything to show you're still active and interested in this group.

:bulletgreen: If you fail to get the activity check in, then your characters will receive a :bulletred: as a strike against them. Remember, three red bullets means your character is killed off.

:bulletgreen: If you have 2 characters or less, you need at least ONE character's activity check done. If you have 3 or more characters, you need at least TWO characters' activity checks done. You can do all of your characters if you wish and have the time. Anyone who makes activity checks for ALL of their dogs get 20 Celious dollars =3


Politics are a Tricky Business
Politics can be dog-eat-dog business (no pun intended~) and many unsavory pacts are made in the seedy underbelly. Some try to fight against the injustice within their own systems while others work with it to meet the ends of their own selfish needs.

Keep face for the public, keep them happy and unaware of the problems in the system
Carpollis Palarama- MetalWolfGemstone

Do your best to wean out those who are finding loop-holds in the system and endangering the justice of the legal system
Matthew Durhamn- KateTLK
[DoCC] You Make Me SICK! by KateTLK

Recklen Albaitto- HollowThinker

Lloyd- Foxbunni

A Time to Help the Needy
With the cold weather coming in, many homeless dogs are without shelter or food. The City Council encourages the citizens to donate some of their time, money or even food to those who will need it this coming winter.

Those who can donate food, clothes or perhaps even invite some unfortunate soul to stay in their home for awhile
Sophia Valentin- blueshinewolfstar1
DOCC: Sophia activity check by blueshinewolfstar1

Sebastian Ellis- Trenn-la

Kazuko- XxChemicalyInbalance
Fall 2014 Activity Check by XxChemicalyInbalance

Ceyean IV Fedoralis- Laurel3aby (EXTENSION GRANTED: End of December)

Those who can donate their time to help build small shelters and volunteer at soup kitchens or even pass out the donated items to the needy
Santiago Crestmuel- Wolfchick36

Jack- JazztheFoxeh

Sibyl Price- rainsonq

Kep Tarintino- lighteningfox

Faith Letly- EllaScout

Margret Cumber- Shireling-Archer (EXTENSION GRANTED: End of December)

Calliope- Solis-Starweaver
Calliope Activity Check by Solis-Starweaver

The needy who are homeless, poor, or just struggling financially who are the receivers of the donations and help
Antoine- kurocleoO777

Kratos- Zeldagirl001

Welsh Silverwater- blueshinewolfstar1
DOCC: Welsh activity check by blueshinewolfstar1

Misty Wolf- theWolfdragon21

Hollow- StoryRPArt (EXTENSION GRANTED: End of December)

HJ- HollowThinker

Kera Shrekwof- Three-Stripes (EXTENSION GRANTED: End of December)

Blythe- ScarMuzzle88

Sky- Silverleaf11 (EXTENSION GRANTED: End of December)

Tensions on Thin Ice
The gangs have been at each other's throats and relationships have been rocky over the last year. Anthony is still missing and Chief Jose is at his wits end in trying to stop an inevitable war. All police officers and members of Celious' military are encouraged to patrol the streets and keep order.

Police officers on duty, patrolling the streets and keeping the gang members from starting anything with each other
Jose Tarintino- MetalWolfGemstone
DoCC Assignments- November 2014 by MetalWolfGemstone

Ray Esbjörn- Eva1777
.:The frozen fist of the Law:. by Eva1777

Sobek- lighteningfox
Police Chase- Activity Check by lighteningfox

Bennu- KateTLK

Police officers undercover and gathering information on the gangs' next plans
Konstantin Azarov- lighteningfox
DOCC Activity Check: Infiltrating Enemy Lines by lighteningfox

Edzard- MadiLoves

Soldiers armed and patrolling areas where gang violence in highest
Scott Ivory- Kyarako
2014 Fall AC - Scott by Kyarako

Kazimir- lighteningfox

Borko- Three-Stripes (EXTENSION GRANTED: End of December)

Red- exclusiveWolves
.:Flying High:. DOCC Activity check by exclusiveWolves

Gang members fighting the police
CJJ- Kitonika9 (EXTENSION GRANTED: End of December)

Dexter Caul- GypsyCrest19
'The cat's out of the Bag' - DoCC ACDex chuckled, as he could hear from the streets of Charlotte and the two police dogs that he had managed to get away from. He had lost his sunglasses from when he had been chased, and decided to get back to HQ of his gang's base through the conjoining ally ways. He could hear Charlotte cursing him out, and he simply smirked.
"I'll see you back at HQ, Charlotte~" He called out to her, and chuckled as he was looking over his shoulder. Because of this, he hadn't realized that a familiar dog was in the ally way too.
"Dex!?" The surprised voice of the Police Chief had Dex turning his head rather quickly.
The last time he had seen Jose, they had had a night of remembrance and fun. He tilted his head, as he noticed the bulge of Jose's stomach. It wasn't cause of getting fat. The Dalmatian had a wife and pups himself once, and he raised a brow.
Jose had a look of betrayal as he stared at the dog that was his best friend. But, he had just heard him call out to a well known Gangster. "You... You

Charlotte- Kyarako
2014 Fall AC - Charlotte by Kyarako

Pariah- ForgottenAmnesty

Gang members fighting the military
Jean Vladimir Amjad- Three-Stripes (EXTENSION GRANTED: End of December)

Navez Civello- HollowThinker
Take it by HollowThinker

Sam Max- SevenLevelsOfChaos

Sarsaparilla Del Rey- lighteningfox

Gang members fighting rival gang members
Eboni- ScarMuzzle88

Giovanni Torrio- lighteningfox

Harley Purge- Wolfchick36
Harley Activity Check by Wolfchick36

Tiger Nightcore- blueshinewolfstar1
DOCC: Tigers activy check by blueshinewolfstar1

Gang Prisoner

Anthony Foxx- Wolfchick36

City Winter Preparations
With  the extremely harsh winter of last year, the City Council has plans to prepare the city for another. Citizens are encouraged to insulate their house, help fix some of the rows for when the snow plows must come through and help fix the support beams on the older buildings that have been falling apart from the past earthquake. Don't forget to stock up on food, water, firewood and other essentials  should the city suffer any power outages!

City workers helping to prepare the city for winter by fixing power lines, reinforcing buildings and cleaning up roads
Elizabeth J. English- KateTLK
[DoCC] Cleaning The Road by KateTLK

Fermi- CheeTree

Employees of the Media sending out advice and reminders of the oncoming weather to the citizens
Amira Murphy- GypsyCrest19

Faith Letly- EllaScout

Bryan Riggs- Ehrewache

Citizens preparing their homes for winter
Lunia- Zeldagirl001

Elvessa Nightcore- blueshinewolfstar1
DOCC: Elvessa activy check by blueshinewolfstar1

Roxy- Deshki

Mina Alastor- Solis-Starweaver
Mina Activity Check by Solis-Starweaver

Topher- B0XT0P (EXTENSION GRANTED: End of December)

Tyler Beravada- StoryRPArt (EXTENSION GRANTED: End of December)

Marco Tarintino- HollowThinker
Preps Done by HollowThinker

Sasha- CheeTree

Loki- XToxicCatX

Helon Murphy- GypsyCrest19
Getting ready.... - DoCC ACHelon huffed, as he dragged the bag of blankets he got from down the street. Amira had told him to pick them up, knowing his place always got cold whenever winter rolled around. Why she never got him a heater, he'd never know. He dragged the bag up the stairs to his apartment, opened his door, and pushed it in. He grunted as he placed it beside his rundown couch, which he then climbed onto to take a little rest.
He looked to the coffee table, where a note was telling him what he had to do to get ready for winter. Amira had written him his own 'Getting Ready for Winter' and he wished he had crumpled it and thrown it out. But then he knew that his half-sister would sternly tell him that it was for his safety.
Maybe he should make her one for her safety. After all, their father was out there now. Amira had told him about Dex being a live, and it made his fur stand on end. He got back to his paws with a groan, and grabbed the shovel by his door. He best get at least half of his list done.

Donavan Hill- rainsonq

Ashley Black- KateTLK

Enzio Bludhaven- Ehrewache

Conrad Trenton- EvermoreMadness

Blair Dubois- MindfulDreams

Micha- X-Firefly

Cecil IV Fedoralis- Laurel3aby (EXTENSION GRANTED: End of December)

Prepare the Pups
Teachers must teach the new generation how to prepare for winter-related emergencies. Teach them what to do in blizzards, power outages, and more. Bring in some decorated officers so they can teach pups where to go in an emergency if they can not get home and what numbers to call.

Teachers in charge of the pups or uneducated dogs in how to keep safe during the winter
Apollo- Toxic-Flow
Teaching the Class (Activity Check) by Toxic-Flow

Lola- fallovtboy :bulletred:

Pups and other dogs who need to take the classes
Jodi Alastor- Kyarako
2014 Fall AC - Jodi by Kyarako

Nadeah Azarov- Kitonika9 (EXTENSION GRANTED: End of December)

Alonya Azarov- EvermoreMadness
Alonya Activity Check - 12/07/14 by EvermoreMadness

Mazakon Azarov- blueshinewolfstar1
DOCC: Mazzy activity check by blueshinewolfstar1

Cash Azarov- lighteningfox
The Rebel- Activity Check by lighteningfox

Joseph- HollowThinker

Irene Torrio- Shireling-Archer (EXTENSION GRANTED: End of December)

Guest police dogs
Sally Darkwood- Wolfchick36
Sally Activity Check by Wolfchick36

Brigh  O'Riordan-  blueshinewolfstar1
DOCC: Brigh activity check by blueshinewolfstar1
More Journal Entries

City Forecast

Wolf Paw Print Icon by Pinkfirefly135

City Forecast

Wolf Paw Print Icon by Pinkfirefly135
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Paw Bullet (Blue) - F2U! by Drache-LehreSeason- FallPaw Bullet (Blue) - F2U! by Drache-Lehre

Skies are mostly gray with a few cold showers. Some snowfall is predicted in the future so keep yourselves prepared and wear your scarves and tail warmers!

During the day we get into the mid-fifties but dropping low to the twenties come nightfall. Make sure you keep warm this season and cuddle up to your fireplace or furnace!

Paw Bullet (Orange) - F2U! by Drache-LehreEvents and News of Celious CityPaw Bullet (Orange) - F2U! by Drache-Lehre
:bulletgreen:- Good
:bulletyellow:- Netural
:bulletorange:- Caution
:bulletred:- Bad
:bulletblack:- Dangerous
:bulletpurple:- Mysterious

:bulletgreen:- Amira Murphy, held hostage this past winter, has escaped from her captors and has returned home!

:bulletred::bulletblack:- Anthony Foxx, the chief engineer, has been taken by the East Side gang and will be forced to make destructive weapons if not stopped. The West and East are at each other's throats and the city is on the brink of war.

Paw Bullet (Dark Brown) - F2U! by Drache-LehreCharacter Shout-OutsPaw Bullet (Dark Brown) - F2U! by Drache-Lehre
Got something your character has to say? Looking for someone to role play with or have your character find a friend or mate? Note the group and it will be broadcasted here!

:bulletblack:blueshinewolfstar1's Tiger is looking for a possible mate!
:bulletblack:Ehrewache is looking for someone to role play with!
:bulletblack:Foxbunni's Lloyd is open for any detective cases if anyone needs help! Looking for a gig and a rp partner!
Dog Paw Black Divider by XiahismDog Paw Black Divider by XiahismDog Paw Black Divider by Xiahism


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